TIWC Partner Launch – August 2016

TIWC Launch Details
January 2015 Launch Wrap-Up

If you supported me in the last launch of my Tapping Into Wealth Coach Certification Training Program a few months back, I owe you a huge and special THANK YOU for helping make it the single highest grossing launch we’ve ever done!

A few milestones to celebrate:

  • We crushed our goal of half a million!
  • We’ve dialed in HOW we do partner launches (for a smoother, better experience for all)
  • Through surveying our list, gained so much clarity on my coaching audience


  • Opt-in Pages Converted at: 39.4%
  • EPC: $6.10
  • We welcomed a record of almost 90 new TIW coaches to our community through this launch! (So COOL!!!)


We did experience a reporting issue in the affiliate system during this launch, so if you log into the affiliate area and see strange/unexpected numbers, please reach out to Beverly@margaretmlynch.com and she’ll help you get clarity! (However, if you did earn commission, you’ve most likely already heard from Beverly!)


Remember – Commission for this product is a whopping $1000/sale! This is our biggest launch of the year – and the one you want to make sure is on your mailing schedule! 😉

Upcoming JV Launch . . .August 15, 2016

Will You Support Us Again?!

Here are some basics – more details to come…

  • Jeff Walker-style launch, with 3 amazing, jam-packed content videos, webinar cart-open and multiple opportunities to mail beginning on August 15
  • With an awesome payout of $1,000/sale you will be ROLLING in commissions!
  • The social proof is out-of this world and testimonials and case studies are central to our marketing…and they keep pouring in!

For any JV related launch questions, please reach out to our JV Manager and Director of Client Services: